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Where’s the outrage?

We have come to accept the fact that teachers unions are more than willing to use students (or former students) as pawns in their political games.

Kyle Olson Education Action Group Foundation EAGNews

This is not an unusual complaint for Kyle Olson, or the rest of his writers. Complaints that teachers want to brainwash their students run rampant. EAG writers complain about indoctrination at public (“government”) schools regularly. For example here, here, here, here, here and here.

Worst of all, they complain that teachers bring politics into the classroom, over and over and over and over. Well, union teachers. The standard is different for teachers that agree with EAG’s school “reform” stands. Policies which are uniformly non-union.


Not a word from EAG in the face of Georgia charter school teachers promoting an initiative that would expand charters in Georgia. A New York Times article covered this, including photos of kids making campaign signs.


So where’s the EAG outrage? Could it be that they only oppose progressive classroom campaigning? Is conservative brainwashing okay? Is indoctrination not indoctrination when its right wing indoctrination?

Kyle’s long-term habit of making this sort of hair-on-fire commentary isn’t unique to EAG. It’s a common theme of the right wing echo chamber:

…sending your kids to government schools is a good thing. It will help prepare them for life in the Islamified America of the future.

That from something called  Moonbattery.

Google “indoctrination” and you’ll get another 6.5 million examples. EAG is part of this right wing campaign to neuter unions and convert public schools;  school reform is the cover they use to convince reporters to publish their invective.

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