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Kyle Olson: Glen Beck Wanna-Be

EAG loves to represent itself as a school reform group but their track record shows otherwise. Just look at the Kyle Olson’s website (postings which are usually duplicated on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGoverment site and other Republican sites like TownHall.com) and you’ll see he’s a Glen Beck wanna-be whose niche is to villainize unions. One union attack after another.

Mixed in with these union-bashing comments are these two posts, which say a lot about Kyle:

Kyle Olson Education Action Group

The first apology we’ve ever heard from Kyle, although using red baiting language is common for him. Look just two posts later:

Kyle Olson Education Action Group

As for the ‘Glen Beck wanna-be’ comment, this just about confirms that:

Kyle Olson Education Action Group

Why do reporters quote this guy or his EAG staff on school reform?


Koch Brothers and Kyle Olson

On June 2nd, a new player in right wing attack politics, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, will host an event in Michigan at the Lansing Center.

The Franklin Center is a front for the Koch brothers-financed Americans for Prosperity, which, in turn, is known for financing the Tea Party movement since its inception. The Lansing event serves as a Tea Party training session hoping to create “Citizen Watchdogs” using FOIA “to impact the state and local government budgeting process, and … to advance [their] message through social media.”

Kyle Olson is one of the scheduled speakers, conducting a session called: “Back To School Reports: How Does Michigan Education Compare With Other States?”  This, together with sessions entitled “Exposing the Establishment Media,” “Who’s The Boss: Exposing Big Labor in Michigan” and  “Voter Fraud/Election Integrity Issues,” serve the overall ALEC-inspired mission.

And reporters continue to quote Olson as a school reform expert…

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