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EAGnews Uncovers an International Communist Conspiracy

Kyle Olson Education Action Group EAGnews.org

Kyle’s Hoody source and the international communist conspiracy against Scott Walker.

EAGnews now reports that the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was really always about overthrowing capitalism. Red-baiting has been a favorite of Kyle Olson, but this time he uses an anonymous, hooded “citizen journalist” as his source. A source who guarantees that the unions are part of an international communist conspiracy.

Kyle has backed up these assertions by Googling Wisconsin and words like “anarchist” and “socialism,” finding a handful of far left groups that write about the Wisconsin protest. This, to Kyle, is proof that they are in league with the unions:

The report reveals that far-left activists with the Liberty Tree Foundation began plotting their anti-Walker strategy in December 2010 – a month before he was even sworn in, and well before budget reforms were even announced.  It shows how the goal was much broader than simply protecting “worker rights” in the state. The idea for many radicals was to make Wisconsin part of a broader global struggle against capitalism.

And some newspapers continue to use EAGnews as a source.


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